Pawssible's goal is to educate more individuals, businesses, medical professionals, and organizations about the benefits and capabilities of working with a service dog, and provide networking connections and resources for individuals and families wanting proper training and information on the selection of a service dog. 

We enjoyed the training that Pawssible provided our management team and learned so much about service and assistance dogs. We want guests to know we recognize service animals and their handlers, and always accomodate. If they can feel comfortable dining here with their service animal they will choose Cap Ale every time!"


– Amy DuFour


Learn more about us from Pawssible pup owners and how their lives have been changed. If you have a Pawssible pup or have received assistance or business education, feel free to tell us what you think.

Patrick & Eclipse


"We moved into the new house in November and right before Thanksgiving Eclipse came to live with us after spending some time with his Trainer. Eclipse and Patrick have both adjusted very well to the new house. Patrick started a new school and broke his wrist just this week so he will wear a cast for the next several weeks. Eclipse is doing amazing he is very healthy and he has gone on two outings went to Target and went to the Dick's Sporting goods in the mall. Eclipse has been amazing for us to have he has accompanied Patrick to his Therapy on the first day of arrival because Patrick would not leave him. They are becoming best buddies Eclipse is an amazing dog and we can't wait to see what else he is capable of."

Jacob & Archer


"Before I discovered the power of a service dog I was lost; my life was in turmoil and every day I was having dark thoughts. I could not really understanding what was going on in my life. Since getting Archer and working with Pawssible trainer Dee Bogetti, I have come to realize how much peace Archer can bring to me. There are days when we're walking around the store and I start to break out into a panic attack, because there's too many people. I don't know if Archer can sense it because of smell or just the connection that we have, but he turns to me and alerts. He comes up and puts his paws on my legs. Those are the moments that I realize what's going on with my body and he helps me get through it. I know without him I'd be like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. Because of this I'm grateful for the Pawssible and the donors that make it possible so the veterans like myself, that are suffering through battle even though we left the battlefield, can have a smidgen of peace."